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The Foundations Of ProTrak

A Hybrid Solution to Meet Every Need

At the core of MTI ProTrak is a flexible infrastructure built on Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft.NET Framework. This means that ProTrak can work well in both on-premise and cloud based environments.

On-Premise Solution

For larger facilities with an IT staff to support the system, MTI can offer ProTrak as an On-Premise solution. On-Premise solutions provide the following benefits and disadvantages.
  • Increased security through the use of a secured local area network.
  • The agency has more direct control over the data and hardware.
  • The application does not require Internet bandwidth to function.
  • There is no direct access from everywhere. While this flexibility may be scary for some, others like the idea of having access from satellite offices or multiple facilities.
  • Hardware costs and manpower to support the system require more upfront cost and long term commitment.

Cloud Hosted Solution

Our cloud hosted solution works well for facilities of any size, but it is especially well suited for small facilities without the support staff or budget to absorb the cost of the upfront hardware and installation costs.
  • Flexible access from just about anywhere.
  • No upfront cost, just a monthly licensing commitment.
  • Little support needed from local IT staff.
  • No direct access to the database.
  • There is a need for a dedicated internet connection.

Making the Data Useful

A significant feature of the ProTrak system is the fact that it integrates into so many different use cases. ProTrak provides useful applications for count verification, inmate tracking, watch tour and more.

Intergration Options

  • Use Rugged Tablets for barcode enabled count verification and never have to wonder who is missing again. With ProTrak's count verification feature, inmate head counts are down to an exact science. Each inmate is barcoded with a wristband, and as officers scan their wristbands the system counts them off. With this feature, you have an accurate and immediate count of who is present and who is not accounted for.
  • Also use tablets for barcode or RFID enabled watch tour tracking. Automatically start watch tours at random intervals and watch as the officers carry out the prescribed watch tour checks. Officers can even note issues at each checkpoint which can then be reviewed by the supervisor.
  • Also use tablets for barcode or RFID enabled inmate tracking. Roving officers can scan inmates in and out of certain areas and note their destination. RFID readers placed at the doorways of dayrooms can also be used to track inmates going into or out of an area.
  • Get the information about the inmates in a cell directly on your MTI ProVision control system (sold separately) with integration through ProTrak. With this feature, the control room officer can see who is in the cell, see notes, charges, and anything else the administration deems necessary.

As Much Or As Little

The great thing about the ProTrak system is that it's not picky. So you just like our ability to manage inmate accounting? Great, we can do that. So you love our count verification but already have a JMS system? Awesome! We can do just that too. With the website, we have built a cloud-based distribution point for integration and collaboration. This means that we can receive data from your current JMS provider, integrate it into our system, and provide the features you want to use from us. Besides the ones already mentioned, here are some great features provided through this very website. Features

  • Deposit Kiosks - Accept money in the form of cash or debit/credit cards directly into your account through MTI's deposit kiosk system. These devices can function independently of any on-premise or cloud based ProTrak system, or they can tie right in. You can use these devices to do the following:
    • Accept cash and deposit it into an inmate's account.
    • Accept credit/debit cards and deposit into an inmate's account.
    • Provide release cards to inmates on release.
    • Enroll inmates either with an inmate ID or PIN number only, or even with a fingerprint.
    Use these kiosks as a stand-alone solution for receiving money into your inmate trust account, or allow one of our service providers to handle that for you. All transactions that occur on these devices are logged independently and provide an auditable "paper" trail all the way back to the device.
  • In-Dorm Kiosks - MTI also manufactures in-dorm kiosks capable of providing apps for handbooks, inmate forms, commissary order entry, video visitation and much more. can be the bridge between your JMS provider and this system. Again, you can purchase these devices directly or have them provided through one of our partnering service providers.
  • Commissary Management - MTI ProTrak is great for commissary management. Manage inventory, create pick lists, print order sheets, receive orders over the phone or from an order entry app that can integrate with your in-dorm kiosks.