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We would love to speak with you about your needs and how ProTrak can be used at your facility. To talk with someone about your options, please call 1-800-392-8292 and ask for either Tim or Nathan.
Or, if you prefer email, please email us at

How Does An Account Work?

As mentioned in the "Learn More" page, MTI allows you to set up two different types of accounts. You can set up an on-premise account or a cloud-hosted account. With an on-premise account, MTI will provide an estimate for the hardware and software needed to maintain an on-premise version of ProTrak. This option also requires a monthly fee for maintaining updates and support.
With the cloud-hosted account, you simply sign up for a monthly licensing and support fee which covers your access to the system and support of your account.
You might be wondering what you get from an account. With ProTrak, you get everything, whether you use it or not. You have access to the same features that the largest customer has, but you can tailor it to just what you need.